How To Write A Press Release For Your San Ramon Business

Posted by San Ramon Marketing on June 20, 2012

If you you own or operate a business in San Ramon, California and you need help marketing your business, then you may want to consider looking for information about how to write a press release for your local business.

If you have some important news about your product, service or company then you will need to write a press release.

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You are probably wondering what is a press release?

A press release is quite simply a one or two page document which is used to bring attention to your products and services.

However it is important to note that you will need to learn how to write a press release for your local business before you start sending your press releases to the media. It is important that you create a great first impression and that you come across as professional.

When you are ready to take advantage of free media coverage then you can start sending your press releases to editors and TV stations in the hope that they will pick it up for their newspaper, magazine or local newscast. It is important that you are patient as it may take some publications a few months to publish your press release.

Press releases are also referred to as news releases and it is important to note that there are several different types of press releases you can write such as starting a new business, announcing your company has won an award or you can write a press release if anything new has happened to your business and its product line.

However there is a trick when it comes to writing press releases for your local business. You should write the press release in such a way that it does not sound like a blatant advertisement and it should also be written in an unbiased format as the reader is then likely to believe that the information in accurate.

It is true that press releases can actually be more effective than general advertising providing they are written correctly. When it comes to writing a press release in order to grab the attention of your target audience then you will need to focus on what your reader will really care about.

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You need to start with an attractive headline that sums up your entire story. An attractive headline is vital to get the attention of the reader so that they want to find out more. In the first paragraph you should aim to answer five important questions.

  • What?
  • When?
  • Who?
  • Where?
  • Why?

By answering these important questions this will enable you to get your point across quickly and you must remember that you only have one paragraph in order to impress the editor. Make sure that you do not use the hard-sell approach and always ensure that you include basic information such as the name of a contact person, fax, phone number, Web address, Email address and company address.

You should also include a paragraph that describes your business, make sure that your sentences are straight to the point, keep it as simple as possible and try to stay as close to one page as you can.

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Be sure to write press releases on a regular schedule. Once a month works best for most San Ramon businesses.

For help writing a press releases for your San Ramon business, contact San Ramon Marketing

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